Will you marry me

In October of 2006 I moved to New York with an engagement ring burning a hole in my pocket. On the night I arrived Jen and I had dinner at this restaurant. After we finished eating I got down on one knee and asked Jen to marry me. Jen yelled "SHUT UP!!!!!!" I remember thinking, "I sold everything I own except for my cats and a few cameras...what does shut up mean??"

After what felt like forever Jen put her finger out and I could breathe again.

5_4_2013 Frank.jpg


Jen and my nephew Tyler, 2011

I'll never forget the moment when Jen and Tyler met. It was Christmas of 2006 and we were at my parents house. I am the youngest of the 11 kids in my family (yes, the baby) so imagine my parents, their 11 kids, husbands, wifes and grandkids all in one house...it's awesome!

Jen was sitting on the couch (and looking gorgeous, of course) when Tyler, who was 9 at the time, sat down next to her and said, "Hi, I'm Tyler." Total stud move and no fear what-so-ever of this beautiful woman!!!! So of course I stepped in and roughed Tyler up, as any young uncle would do, and let him know he better stop hitting on my lady...

That was the beginning. Jen LOVED Tyler, he was so sweet and loving to her, and she would light up when we would see Tyler or when he would send a text message telling her he loved her. At Jen's memorial service Tyler came up on his own and stood next to me for most of the night, he was a rock for me.

I know how much Tyler misses Jen and it breaks my heart. I just hope he knows how much his Aunt Jen loved him.

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