Mom and Dad's 62nd Anniversary

My mom, dad and I celebrated their 62nd anniversary yesterday. My pops is old school so I had to put my foot down (funny, right?) to convince him to let me take them to lunch. I guess when you raise 11 kids you get used to taking care of things.

After lunch we played cards with my brother Dan. I ended up owing the bank a.k.a. dad. Mom loves draw poker and when she would call "sevens" as wild cards I kept thinking it was because I am the seventh boy in my family and no matter what I am her baby. 

Later in the day mom showed me photographs from their trip to Italy in 1988. I remember that time well...It was my freshman year of high school and I threw a "small" party. Long story short - I got sick, passed out and had a lot to clean up the next day. 

Since Jennifer passed I have watched my parents with different eyes. I see how they take care of and understand each other, how they laugh together and how they love each other. I am amazed every time. 


An old friend...

Yesterday I was in a dazed mood...just a bit out of it. I got on my bicycle with no destination in mind and ended up stumbling upon an outdoor show by a band I used to see often before I moved to New York - The Carlos Jones Band. I had my camera and went to the front of the stage. It's been nearly 7 years but Carlos not only immediately recognized me but he also remembered my name, and when the song ended he gave me a big hug. Carlos is a class act and he lifted me up.

5_26_2013 Carlos Jones Battery Park (68 of 93)-Edit.jpg

Anniversary portrait, 2011

Anniversary dinner, 2011

Here is this week's Tuesday portrait. Jen and I were celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary at a restaurant in Greenwich Village. 4's hard to believe all that happened in such a short amount of time. Jen was a light in the dark and I am thankful for every second we shared here on this earth.

Jen portrait Anniversary dinner.jpg