Akron Art Museum

I've just received confirmation that these photographs of Jennifer have been added to the permanent collection of The Akron Art Museum. This is an honor I have never dreamed of and I cannot begin to explain the feelings in my heart. I miss Jennifer with every bit of my soul. 

All of my thanks to Arnold Tunstall for his work in getting my photographs into this collection. 


Dragon boat

After her mastectomy in 2008 Jennifer was diagnosed with Lymphedema. Jen heard about dragon boat racing from my sister-in-law and found out that this was great exercise to combat her condition. So, Jen co-founded a dragon boat team consisting of all women cancer survivors. 

 Jen always looked for the good in even the darkest of times.

Best friend

Before I met Jen I didn't believe in myself and I was struggling to figure out my purpose in life. Jen changed all of this...she encouraged me to follow my dreams and to trust my gut. Jen believed in me, even when I didn't. We were best friends and Jen taught me so much about life, Love, and happiness. 

I still remember the way the air felt when I made this photograph. 

Jen and a daisy.jpg