From the beginning of our relationship Jennifer told me I should try yoga. "I promise you'll love it," she would tell me. It took a few years but I finally gave it a try. We were at a yoga retreat and Jen was right, it was incredible.

For the next few months our friend Kendra, a yoga instructor, would come to our apartment and we would have a private session. Some days Kendra would put us in restorative positions. Jen and I would hold hands while our body and mind slowed down. I still can feel Jen's hand in mine.

Yesterday my sister Mary Ann signed the two of us up for a yoga class. It was very emotional, Jen was with me the entire time. At the end of the practice I felt a calm that has been missing since Jen passed.

Another gift from Jennifer. 


4-18-2011 Yoga with Kendra.jpg

An old friend...

Yesterday I was in a dazed mood...just a bit out of it. I got on my bicycle with no destination in mind and ended up stumbling upon an outdoor show by a band I used to see often before I moved to New York - The Carlos Jones Band. I had my camera and went to the front of the stage. It's been nearly 7 years but Carlos not only immediately recognized me but he also remembered my name, and when the song ended he gave me a big hug. Carlos is a class act and he lifted me up.

5_26_2013 Carlos Jones Battery Park (68 of 93)-Edit.jpg